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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Rose"

You used to like my style, I used to like your smile
I said I'll stay a sec, you said stay a while
You started sippin whine, said I was on your mind

I said I'm thinking of you too girl your hella fine
We hit the night time, for a late date
And everyday after that, for 8 months straight

We would roll tight, we had small fights
You shoulda seen how we are you done the street lights
I couldn't see your tears, from the pouring rain

You shoulda seen my body shake, when she said my name
She said I'm not the same, Andre ya changed
I said baby its pain from the rap game

We went our separate ways, man I was hurt for days
Man I didn't even call, I went through withdrawal
Flashbacks of her face hit me sometime

And I be wonderin man does she think of mine
I think of Rose

Love is down through the hardest times
Sometimes I put Al Green on and think of Rose

Being with you is just a state of mind
Girl, thinking about you all the time

I saw her at a club, she was with a thug
She thought I would say hi, but I didn't show no love
The homey blazin bud, and now its getting live

But I knew that she knew, that I'd protect my pride
I see her watchful eye, from across the joint
And then she knew how I feel, if I heard her voice

And some ladies talked, and other ladies walked
But when it came to you girl, man there was a spark
Your whole anatomy man was like poetry

The very smell of your hair was like luxary
It was because of me, when the days was bright
I would come through with my silent nights

Man I think of Rose

[Chorus x2]

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