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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "One Ticket Please"

[Verse 1]
It's only mandatory
The rap game ain't never bore me

MC's they try to fore me
Mother$#&@ers is mostly glory
I hit 'em with venom

Let the venom hit 'em
Wait 'till the venom hit 'em
King cobra, straight dola

Ticky ticky time bomb
It's just like napon
I chill with player's and rap god's and shere khan's

Man first I rev 'em up
Smear 'em up
And then I tear 'em up

Catch 'em slippin'
While cookin porkchops in the kitchen

This game is so cold and man you cant tell
It's like a plane crash one ticket straight to hell

There ain't no O.R. and man there ain't no bail
It's like a plane crash one ticket straight to hell

[Verse 2]
It's so symplistic
Hot of god look on the gifted

^!$$% here's your ticket
Come on in better hide your biscuit
Mind full of doja

Freaks they wanna know ya
Cops pull you over
With a angel on your shoulder

Hey, %#@!, you better stop (*##$
You want some paper (*##$
You better pull a caper (*##$

It's just like trinity
Double glock scared of that enemy
Fifteens a penalty

Make you step back for infinity
Get your dough homie
Perfect you shoe homie

And when you roll homie
Then get your dough homie


[Verse 3]

They call me Nicky
Half ounce of that sticky
Freak said she wanna get with me

Back up (*##$
It's like tiger prawns and caviar
Doin 110 in a foreign car

Keep your mackin up the par
Keep your stackin up the par
Yo! it's just like livin' it up

Yo! it's just like givin' it up
Yo! it's just like tippin' it up, flippin' it up
Crippin' it up, rippin' it up Yo!

[Hook x2]


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