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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "I'm A Pisces"

Gettin' in where I fit in, right?
What that deuce deuce poppin' like?
Baby, I like the way you work that tongue

You had a don't care ^!$$% for 3 weeks sprung
It's the game, the mutha$#&@a calls my name
Product made of yola cuz the rules don't change

The prettiest thing is new white wall tires
I shoulda been a lawyer, cuz I'm such a good liar
Kill dosia style, brain child in a beanie

God fear a ^!$$% under pressure and greedy
Microphone cops steady $#&@in' off my dealings
Even when I'm workin' mutha$#&@as think I'm chillin'

Recruitin' like the army, or even the marines
Some get rejected like black jelly beans
I'm on the scene in my jeans, smokin' weed from a sac

Mutha$#&@a, where you at? I got cocaine raps

Ya hardcore CB4 uproar made a nice comeback, but didn't touch my score

A Farrakhan listener, white world prisoner
My frisk down is just like the state pen for visitors
Ghetto red hots, guns, crack and macks, fly clubs, no love and cocaine raps

Spendin' ways incredible, money untraceable
^!$$%s start to jack when the money ain't available
Baby you talk too much, pass the blunt

I'm tryin' to give your fine $$# the raw and uncut
I got no time to be a crybaby fool
Forgive me, but they got me packin' pocket tools

Fresh out say $#&@ 'em, yeah, I made a gang of raps
Smokin' weed in a rental with the gangsta tracks

Straight chewy, and a ^!$$% got a gang of pride
Check the battle or the struggle through my Chinese eyes
Had to tighten up the fade, got my murder 1 shades

Still tryin' to $#&@ them freaks from my highschool days
B. Adams, do you still love me?
Cuz ya first born is strugglin' and it's hard to stay drug free

@@#! back loaded and about to explode
Like the 12 story 'jects, (*##$ I'm outta control
Alpine reliant, police defiant, Kentucky Fried and Popeye's #1 client

Represent the look like the great Sam Cook
Put a star by every freak in my true black book
Clutch tight fist pumped way in the air, pagan,

you dealin' with a microphone bear
Tear, pear, where?, stare, check it, I don't care

I just can't quit, %#@!, the rap game fanatic
Tryna stay calm with a mad weed habit
Cussin' and fussin' at 100 degrees,

I think like a blind thief with the vision of g's
Chewy used to do me, listen to Ice-T
Ya lookin' at a ^!$$% who wish he was drug free

But ^!$$% that's a dream in another life
So until then my last word is re-ligh

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