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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "God Gimme G's"

Hold the ball 'cause you just might fumble
Goin' about 90 baby comin' out the bay bridge tunnel

God gimme G's on the double
Prime time trouble
Love to watch dope when it bubbles

[Verse One]
You must be screamin(?), get a dictionary for the meanin'

All up in the game like Willy Demon
Straight up schemin, ...(?) to a Motorola celly
Make sure the weed bag is heavy

I've never seen a vision of somethin' so rare
It was right there and I still had to stare
Two paint brushes for a masterpiece

If steak's on the plate then I have to eat
On it like a leopard, ...(?) chewy on you
...(?) when you see me come through

... (?), Chuck Taylor shoes
Don't ask me for no money, cause it really ain't coo

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Two]

(?) is crazy, sucka don't slip in the game
Turn around baby what's your name
Spark like a flame, do a Jesse James

Hit you with somethin' that'll give you that pain
But anyway, (?) what you got the young friendly way
It's like livin' and dyin' like J.F Kennedy

Did you know if you control the chrome
Then you control the dough, that controls the home
Certified like a bank cheque, we'll take a rain check

And what's next, ...(?) smell like sex
And it's fun, livin' my life on the run
Shootin' at (?) with a Black and Decker nail gun

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three]
I represent like a sinner, eat a breakfast meal at dinner
Cheat just so I could be the winner

Who cares if ya mad? Run and tell ya Dad
I do a wrestle move then I put 'em in the crab, hah
Put me in the (?) when you commit that crime

If you get away best believe you'll shine
(?) general composed on your soul
And then you start to talkin' and braggin' to hoes

Hit the Cadillac with the beat on hit
Quipto sits on the Hennessey fifth
... (?)

Forever man, gotta get the chedda, whateva

[Chorus x2]

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