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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Fly Like A Bird"

(feat. Dubee)


Yeah, (*##$
Dre and the motha$#&@ Dog
Yeah the one (backflip)

Believe it, you know I'm sayin
This that bay %#@!, you know I'm sayin
That real %#@!, from back then to now

[Andre Nickatina]
Man I'm a !@%!e rap spitter

A hair pin trigger
A crime rhyme dealer is illa but on the realer
Spin around tornado lust for the words

Rap it up, light dope, fly like a bird
Nothin but bakin soda the motorola do it well
Up in your face man with somethin to sell

I'm like a chronic vision pigeon tiga spinnin in time
Two 45's, 357's, and 9's
My figure eight, is real is not fake

Strawberry soda, garlic bread, and steak
Ahead of the chasin high behind the wheel
You talk for money and we can make a deal

Make a deal you square $$# ^!$$%

We bay stunnas (*##$
Turf top ^!$$%z, ^!$$% from the street up
^!$$%, can you feel it

[Andre Nickatina]
I'm not a screw face, I keep my boots lace

Then listen to the homies brag about they gun case
They off taste, crank beat with more bass
My court date, in I came in hella late

No cross game, wear rangs with no chains
Holla at the god if you a rap cat mayne
Nickel plated, got a image is penetrated

I put that on my life I'm glad you never made it
Raw hide, all in my bloodline
You never find a drug like me of no kind

Don't hide, cause it makes it more divine
To put you in the fire in line on Valentine's
February, or was it January

I lose my memeory when it come to you canaries
It's necessary, on guard with what you carry
Split the middle open swisher then add the blueberry

Unravel the backwud ^!$$%

With you stupid $$#
That's what's wrong with you ^!$$%z
You ^!$$%z ain't laced

^!$$%, we lace ^!$$%z like boots

[Andre Nickatina]

I'm not a damn fool
I live like Babe Ruth
Bay slang, and I'm doin my bay thang

Make change, get bread to kick game
I know you got $$# but you's a lame freak dame
No shame, and I'm greed to the brain

You know the pitbull is off the ch-ch-chain
To the lane, on the freeway of pain
I don't spend dollars on expensive champagne

Rip hearts, and I pound the Skylarks
Pedal to the madal in my Wu-Tang Clarks
New suade, from the stage to the grave

Hot day, these pistols in the shade
It ain't strange, mother$#&@er you sell caine
Add a little color to the picture frame

The rhyme cheetah, throw on a wife-beater
T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes didn't see ya

Din't see ya mayne
Gotta get away from you mayne
We shake it spit %#@! like v mayne
You know I'm sayin

The new ^!$$% to table mayne
Bring it all mayne

[Andre Nickatina]
Man this !@#^ogy, is a new strategy

And this academy, is headed for a tragedy
It sound to me that your tryin to break free
And stakes like me don't allow that see
At close range you can see my vertigo
Venom in the soul and I'm ready to let it go

With no control, man it can grow like a rose
And I'm standin right there with my Fillmoe pose
When a child cries, In a heart a father dies
Punch you in the eye to let you know that you alive
Meetho, multiply the equal

Bumpin C-Bo, on the way to Tahoe
I'm stage left, at the store remain chef
Man cook it up and keep it from the ATF
The Barrucuda, yo the rhyme roof shooter
Runnin down the stairs of the projects doer
Kamikaze, grip your style just for a hobby

And rippin in the lobby, man while kickin it with Bobby
You say the work then here come the work
Put mustard on it, wrap it up, fly like a bird

And eat these ^!$$%z up mayne
It's nothin mayne

It's my ^!$$% Dre Dog mayne
You ^!$$%z better get hip to this %#@! mayne
If you can't dig it like a shovel man (backflip)
I guess you ain't able
^!$$%, more than rap cats mayne
This bay %#@! mayne, thuggin ^!$$%
All-star %#@! fool

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