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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Fist Full of Dollars "Green Eyes""

Boss dreams and everything on a triple beam
It's like a holiday scheme ...
In a car I lean, money infatuated

...(?) intimidated, illegally motivated
Revvin' like a cutty that bang on the block
Baby can I have your keys, I hate to pick your lock

Snappin' like a gator, never waitin' like a waiter
Cherry is my flavor when it comes to now and laters
When it comes to gettin' greedy, man I get green eyes

And I gotta get it like Muslims slang pies
Cuttin' in line just to get mine
Tiga I feel that waitin' is a crime

Arrest me, cuff me, bail me
Rap is money baby it'll never fail me
I'm like an antique that zip through the streets

Flickin' my tongue at little kids
The lucky motivator when it comes to makin' paper
Man you can keep your money 'cause I really need a fader

Hot like potatoes, hair in your gators
Waves that make ya sick like a sailor
Don't ask about my woman 'cause I'm married to the rap

Don't have to say "I love you", and we love it like that
And I'm chillin like the number one chiller
I round some cats that shoot more thangs than Ricky Miller

Nicky you a real rap dealer
I dranks my drank, hit the dank, and I'm bound to say "My ^!$$%"
The situation make me quiver

The hotter the cap for the rap, cold steel will make a ^!$$% shiver
And like pizza I deliver
Cop your rocks, hit the block, and motha$#&@a don't short stop

Do you know where you go in life, it's like I reminisce till I die and I've lost track
You know I gotta floss dat, boss dat, cross dat
See the eye of the devil if I lost dat

Yeeuh, it gets hot in the room
Like a wicked witch I gotta jump the broom
Screamin' "$#&@ you" by the light of the moon

Custom fit like a brand new bra
I hate to break the rules but I love to break the law
Get caught, gotta lie like a veteran

In the bathtub screamin' "Flyyy pelicans!"

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