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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Eye's Of A Child"

(feat. Equipto)


Lil lil lil lil homie
- When I was lil a child just growing to be
We was playing football in the middle of the street

I was Mike Brochea
Had the coast clear
I'd run around the field clown with no fear

I'm innocent showin no love
Eight years old exposed to drugs
Swept under the rug

With baseball cards and dirtbikes
As young as I was I had to learn life
All along everything for me was an experience

Sidetrack never take a thang serious
A lil homie just wanna run free
Live life as long as he can see

[Andre Nickatina]
Through the eye's of a child

I seen my own mother get wild
And for me she start a whole crowd
My report card foul

D's and F's all the time
Hustle on my childhood mind
Through the eye's of a boy

I want to catch Santa Clause creep
And scare him when he thought I was sleep
So young in the heart, I want to be Billy Ray Valentine

Comin with the fly lines, for the ladies all the time
Filled with hope, they asked me did I like boats
Got sea sick and said nope

From the heart of a kid
I act just like I live
We ain't friends

I'm burnin that bridge, that's how it is


At school the cops sport teeth and new Jordans
Sportin 501's the crease was important
It's all in the day pay the principle a visit

I never could pass cut class like scissors
On the phone cause I'm all that
Roam the halls flash my fake hallpass

I could get away with anything clown the teachers
Or make a new enemies step on sneakers

[Andre Nickatina]
Through the eye's of a child
I don't understand the word no

I don't understand stop, I just understand go
As a child I used to see little crack vouls
And ^!$$%z sayin how you like me now

Hair to the sky, what you sayin freak I'm fly
Wearin basketball shorts oversized
In the eye's of a boy

Drug dealers really don't struggle
And players go to jail to get muscle
Slide down the pole, if I could be a fireman

You know cursin like the devil when the choir band
No desire man
Just a care free boy

Throwin fizzy foul get a toy
In the eye's of a child, cartoons are just like Jesus
If you don't beleive this, man you should see this

As a child, a kid is a pout
And you put him in your memory voul, but right now

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