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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Classified"

[Verse 1]
When I met you baby, you was for sale
I just stepped out of the county jail

For a punk $$# misdemeanor
My P.O. dont like Nickatina
And an old man was lettin' ya go

And I could see I was what you was looking for
He said bring me a G, then next week a G
I said "Check this out pops I'm back tomorrow at 3"

Dont worry how I got that G
Just worry I was right back there at 3
Started you up, and it was legit

I never thought I'd fall in love so quick
Filled you up with gasoline
Took you to the wash spot and got ya clean

Cleaned the dash, rubbed that $$#
And everything was slow, I didnt do it fast
Man it took about an hours time

But you looked so fine from the waxy shine
And on my mind I thought about the Alpines
So I loaded your behind with some 6 x 9's

So when you sing people hear you sang
I'm a ^!$$% so baby I'm a do these thangs
Pioneers blastin' out Aretha Franklin

Sometimes I'm wonderin' what you thankin'

[Chorus x2]

My ride (my ride), my ride (my ride)
You dont fake, steal, cheat, or lie
My ride (my ride), my ride (my ride)

And our relationship is classified

[Verse 2]

I remember the day I bought me some Timbs
That was the same damn day I bought you some rims
At Kims, in the city of dope

And once we hit the streets, me and you, we smoked
On weed, wrapped in chocolate phillies
Other freaks saw us and they went silly

I remember ones name, her name was Billy
The other was a cousin out of Kansas City
They'll drop they clothes, I suppose

But meanwhile my baby girl needs some vogues
She told me everything that was on her mind
Who she loved, who she despised

Why she like the night way better than the day
And did I like Ali or Casius Clay?
I said "I like your conversation how you shoot to kill

But whats this strange relationship?"
She said if I can hang, than she can hang
And we'll never hit the bay bridge in the slow lane

No thang, like bangers bang
And she hate the police just as much as me mayne

[Chorus x2]

I could feel you get jealous when I rented a freak

Your carborator had you layin' up for weeks
Then we smoked like friends, put that to an end
Now I'm back in her mutha$#&@in' heart again

Cleaned your leather, got a darker tint
Over the rearview got the cherry scent
Hit the streets, like mean Joe Greene

Thats when I told her about my scheme
A night trip back and forth from L.A.
So I'm a have to leave you for about a day

It was cool, L.A.'s the spot
But I couldnt wait to see my lady on the block
But just like a bullet had hit my spine

As soon as the focus had hit my eyes
My fist tightened up, I was mad and stunned
My baby was the victim of a hit and run

She was cryin', she said Dre, man I look so ugly
Is there a way you'll ever love me?... Nope
She seen it in my eyes

A brand new vision of a brand new ride

[Chorus x2]
New ride (new ride), New ride (new ride)
That wont fake, steal, or lie

New ride (new ride), New ride (new ride)
And out relationship is classified

Check it...
To my tiga grand wizard

Its me
What (what)
Check it

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