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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Cadillac Girl"

(feat. Mac Dre)

[Chorus: Mac Dre]

Ford, Chev, whatever ya got
Don't mean %#@!, %#@! ain't hot
Lincoln, Caddy, whatever ya got

Push it man, don't be scared to squat

[Dre Dog]

Quick fast in a hurry
Squat bounce drop dirty
Cocaine white tiger white walls

HIt the freeway hard at night y'all
With the keys right there I'm ready to drive
Like a eagle at 12 I'm ready to fly

Pager going off, the cell phones ringin'
Al Green's playin' and I keep singin'
Jeans creased up with the beat up

Now I'm about to go pick this little freak up
Blow L's, make mail, ponytails
Had to compliment her on her fresh done nails

Varoom, mother$#&@er boom boom
A whole block of green lights, freak zoom zoom
Mario Andretti with Blowjob Betty

Pedal to the metal when your ridin' with the devil
Did just that at In-n-Out Burger
No pickles, no onions, no playin'

Check this out no delayin'
Did a donut right is what I'm sayin' !#@(
Police came, I was on the streets

Smokin' more weed, bumpin' more beats
Puttin' more words in the ear of this freak
Cadillac girl, somethin' I'ma keep, Seville?


[Mac Dre]
Cam, lifters, ? shifters
Three fifty one make the old school swifter

Rap in the trunk, slap in the trunk
Fat four-four in my lap for the funk
Talkin' to a beezy on the phone but can't hear her

Turned down the bump, so I can hear clearer
I hear sirens get nearer
Red and blue lights in my rear view mirror

Pull over, nope nope
With a car full of smoke and trunk full of dope
I hit the gasser, go faster

All you hear is dual exhaust, flowmaster
On a chase, I take 'em, then I shake 'em
A real Cutthoat ^!$$% ain't no fakin'

I shoot, ain't scared to scoot
And shake them one time on a hot pursuit


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