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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Break BreadFeat Richie Rich"

[Verse 1: Andre Nickatina]
Live fast, drive slow
I'’m looking’ like ‘Pac in the Benz when he was hanging’ out the window

Right now, I'’ve got my Jesus piece on
And all my rings, you can see I’m about the game
Holler back, baby, like an echo

But you gotta know your colors
Get green, roll purple
My tires just did a full circle in your neighborhood

And like gumbo, the flavor’s good
I roam like an alley cat – Grade-A, Supercat
Bumping’ Shabba Ranks on a full tank

My religion, baby, is big bank
Holler when you see me spending’ money, go “amen”
Snow bunnies love them a suntan

That’s why I wear my hat low and my shades, man
I don’'t waste time or liquor
You can see it on my face, I don'’t chase, it’'s a race

[Hook: Andre Nickatina]
Break bread

I don’'t know what they say where you stay
But where I stay, everybody say “pay”
So you’'d better (break bread)

Baby it’'s a (go-go) when it comes to (cocoa)
Get down and do what you said (break bread)
Just like a leprechaun, lookin’g for a jackpot

Or a hot crack spot, baby (break bread)
Baby it’s a (go-go) when it comes to (cocoa)
Get down and do what you said (break bread)

[Verse 2: Andre Nickatina]
Man, this is money motivated, demonstrate it to the latest

I do it like an addict up in Vegas
And you can see me talking’ like a wizard through my cellular phone
Living’ life like a felony, weed and cologne, like…

Pacific heights, crushed ice
I do it like a haggler, baby, yeah, on a Sugar Ray Leonard night
Posted up just like a poster

If you’re melting’ like butter, baby, I’mma have to toast ya
My stairway is straight Led Zeppelin
And my Air Force Ones so new and so fresh, and

Play you like a PS3
And that’s Crown Royal, freak, don’t try to BS me
But I never knew what she said

All up in her head with the phrase that pays, and it says:

[Hook: Andre Nickatina]

[Verse 3: Richie Rich]
Twenty fifties, a hundred tens

Two white (*##$es in a Batman Benz
Straight mobbing’, one named Robyn
Can’t see her head ’cause the (*##$ probably bobbin’

Slurp somethin’g – twerk somethin’g
(*##$, you getting’ money? Maybe we could work somethin’g
I been had a million

I don’t need nothing’ but a (*##$ that love Vogues
And these all-gold Daytons
Ask Dre Dog – ask Nicky

You ain'’t getting’ money, you ain'’t $#&@ing’ with Richie
Patron Silver, straight Goose
Twins with me, and they loose

Thirty rounds, town business
Don’t make me break records like Guinness
(*##$es wanna $#&@ all day and give head

But I don’t $#&@ for free, ho
Nah, so…


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