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Tell me she's ho
I'll tell her when to go
I can see her shinin' like a baseball diamond

I know she like to do it cuz she neva start cryin'
I let my curls bang like the Liberty Bell
I like to move em to the side when I'm usin my cell

I'm an orange pop sipper
A Vegas club tipper
The homie gotta woman but he ask me

?Should he pimp her??
I like fo cheesy jumbo shrimp with the calamari
Been around since the Atari

I'm a money maker
Paper chaser
Broke ho heart breaker

Not a faker
Do a caper
Bet against the damn Lakers

Tell me she's a ho
Believe me homeboy

She's not shaky with the dough
I move through the crowd like a rude politician
All the little square punk freaks be trippin'

Real hos listen
Ear to the ground
True town biz

Get it how you live
I like cold cash so I keep it in the fridge
My pimp friends put a wig on a pig

Tell me she's a ho
Five foot nine

Skin just like the snow
All in your brain
In your veins like blo

Pay for it once she'll never let you go
Sell it like an ?o?
I gotta let you know

It's not for the weak
It's not for the poor
Cars get bought no matter what the cost

The man she loves get treated like a boss
Take no loss
The bird gets the worm

Everybody knows the early pimp gets the perm
Once again homeboy
Tell me if you know

The homeboy said she had a pimp named Joe
I'm from the 'Moe
Imma let you know

Don't care about her name
Tell me she's a ho

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