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ANDRE NICKATINA lyrics : "Awake Like an Owl"

"What time is it!"

This is one of those, A1-Yola raps

Stick in ya mind, stick in ya mind, stick in ya mind

[Verse 1]

When you up all night
You see things you shouldn't have saw
Because the night gets raw

Drama is thicker than Skippy's peanut butter
Imagine the worried thoughts of a young man's mother
Feelin's empty, Love don't live here anymore

Awake like an owl at a quarter to four
Don't blink, a Caddy just ran a red light
Bumpin' thug life, man I blend with the night

They call me greedy
(...?) to get a girl a beaty

It's Andre Nickatina
I'm like a genie in a beanie
El Dorado 88 Cadillac, all black

Copy cats try to match
But they style ain't exactly the same
Somebody said, "Freeze, it's a raid!"

You know cops are comin' when a brotha smells
Glazed doughnuts, hold up
Patna fill it to the rim

Me and money go together like a feather in a brim

I'm a magician

Some say my (...?) ain't the same but I ain't trippin'
A girl be yellin (...?) but I don't listen
Crooked crow

Playas seem to like my style
Why's that killa whale...

I stay awake like an owl, Hoo!
I stay awake like an owl, Hoo, Hoo!

I stay awake like an owl, Hoo!
I stay awake like an owl, Hoo, Hoo!

[Verse 2]
(What are you baby?)
I'm a Raider, camouflaged in silver and the black

Tryin' to blitz through the line for the quarter back sack
Of the money
I dress like it's cold, not sunny

But slyer than a (?) fox tryin' to catch a bunny
In the snow
I'm try'na get paid like a ho

Or better yet the pimp that's rakin' in her dough
Like a baker
But check it, who's the king of the caine?

And what's that tiga's name with the Macintosh computer brain mind
Or should I say mine?
Sometimes I gotta lie to protect my crime

I'll call my lawyer!
Bail bonds keep me on the streets
Three in the mornin' I'm at the club with the freaks

But I got hawk eye
Meanin' that the joint is bein' watched
Drinkin' with the killas that be pushin' up the cost

For the drought season
...(?) season
...(?) up they best

But those be the ones that don't have to rest
Like an owl...


[Verse 3]

I set a trap, I have to spin a web like a spider
Don't strike matches, hate child-proof lighters
Stay awake

Witness how I pick up the pace
First I see a girl's butt, then I look at her face
I can't explain
I'm eatin' garlic bread with the steak
... (????) .... for the narcs

Brothas droppin' cream by the fiends when they part
I'm like a sentinel, known to be the principal original
Lookin' for the road that made it (...?) they call it federal
I'm a general, but yet at times I blaze with my lieutenant
Popeye, (...?), who got the spinach?

Cough, choke, feelin' no remorse for the roach
Choppin' up freaks as ya lounge with your folks
Playin' dice, you take a chance at the crap game
It's all about the money baby, it's the rap game
And I'm an owl...

[Chorus x2]

Uh... And I'm out
Uh, %#@!

It's a planned emergency, (it's a planned emergency)
It's a planned emergency, (it's a planned emergency)
What, STOP!
%#@!, fade me, fade me, fade me, fade me, fade me...

"What time is it!"

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