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And Harmony Dies : Practice lyrics

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And Harmony Dies lyrics : "Practice"

Our philosophy couldn't obviously remain written otherwise it would have been a dogma
We practised for a while many rituals in houses, woods, fields and caves
Initiations, invocations, sessions and adorations all scented by incense and black candles

Everything was fascinating, sensual and even dangerous
One of the rules was: no to acid Satanism

We wanted answers, proof and tasks
Not hallucinations
Each one of us had his own duty

We moved into the darkness like packs of mice
No one had to see us
They could interfere with our missions

We were prepare for anything but we hadn't thought about hitches
Sometimes curiosity makes people want to try and this was our case too

But we weren't cowards...

Others were, in fact one by one they all left

And only two remained and it would have been very hard to carry on
We were alone but even more angry

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