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And Harmony Dies : Flames Everywhere lyrics

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And Harmony Dies lyrics : "Flames Everywhere"

Day after day I was burning
I was full of hate
I wanted to succeed

Come closer to the end
We were one in mind and action
We'd never have stopped but time was running out and we were alone

Everything had to wilt and die:
Flowers, animals and people

Rivers of dead!
The same useless people had finally done something useful
Bless our hell

Flames of fire everywhere in the name of Satan
Supreme God

We would be slaughters and kings


Little sensual human, follow me in the reign of carnal sins


My mistress, give me the craft


I'm the lady of lust, taste my sweet nectar of eternal senses
My master charged me to bring you in our kingdom of truth

I will follow you wherever you'll go!

Take my body and leave my your soul

Take my soul
I'll rape your sinuous body till the end of eternity

Worshipping evil we burnt
Fire and flames, fire and flames!

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