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And Also The Trees : The Untangled Man lyrics

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And Also The Trees lyrics : "The Untangled Man"

Take a breath
Take a stride
Might bring you happiness

Might bring you wine

Small bird singing in a great tree

A man with boots on walks by me
Take a walk on the black beach
Feel the sand fine

Watch the sun rising
Watch it behind your hand

But show me the untangled man
Show me the untangled man
Show me where he is

If you can

In the face of a child
A place of wilderness
And summer time

True love waxing in a girl's eye
An old man staring through the night
Saw the fire of devotion

The faith of the blind
Watching the world turning
Weaving a rope of sand

So show me the untangled man
Tell me where he is
If you can

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