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And Also The Trees : In My House lyrics

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And Also The Trees lyrics : "In My House"

In my house there's a light for our sins
There's a light that flickers like
Only you can see

There's a man that watches me
There's a girl that likes to comb her hair
There's a man that watches me

Dark ribbons in her hair

In my house a light that shines

It's brilliant up there father
Keep on right to the door there's a sign
In my house

In a draw in a shelf by the wall
There's shells and there's grasses
They watch my house

And the living me says I can't go
Push you to the waters edge to save
Pretty little man with his head full of shame

Where the wood shines brightly
And the river sails
In my house

I can see where the river flows
It's like a shrine it's like a morgue
It's a peace where the old men go

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