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Amateur Transplants : What I Went To Skl 4 lyrics

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Amateur Transplants lyrics : "What I Went To Skl 4"

Latin vocab,
Capri sun,
Making jokes about your mom.

Playing top trumps,
Dairy lee,

Bunsun burner,

By kingdom come thy will be done,
Going on cross country runs,
Playing recorders made of plastic,

Calling everybody spazztic.

That's what I went to school for,

Learning french from tripple ore,
[email protected]^* mags in the sock draw,
I declair a thumb war.

That's what I went to school for,
English comprehention,

Going to detention,
Being systamatically sexualily abused by a Geography teacher old enoth to
Draw a pention.

That's what I went to school for,
That's what I went to school for.

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