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Amateur Transplants : Libel Case lyrics

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Amateur Transplants lyrics : "Libel Case"

Do I attract you,
Do I repulse you
With my greasy beard?

And is my perving
Slightly un-nerving?
Yes, I'm a little bit weird

I can be gentle
I can be mental

I am repulsive and camp
Nobody likes me
Nobody likes me

I am an hideous tramp

My name is Matthew Kelly

I used to do Stars In Their Eyes
Till I was sacked from the telly

After some peodophile lies

I was accused

Of having abused
A twelve-year-old child
He was molested

I was arrested
There was a high-profile trial

I was acquitted
No crime was committed
The jury believed my excuse

This song is over
I've gotta go before
Somebody sues.

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