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Amanuel Mccoy : Subliminal Message lyrics

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Amanuel Mccoy lyrics : "Subliminal Message"

This is my town, and I'm about to split, 50 Cent and Eminem is about to kick, we're driving in our Hummer Benze with our ciggarrets, we won't stop now, because we never quit. We are about put out our smoke, and then get ready, to go to the store and do some spending, and we will leave the store, without offending, those who are trying to make a living in money lending. Then we are going to give the rest of our money to charity, so look for the messiah, so be aware of the, I am the lord, it is no rarerity, so don't even try to compare to me. But it's time for the power of the Rapper's, be aware because they are no overlappers, you can't get a mind reader with mind tappers, so see what's happening.

You need to watch out for the white Illuminati, it's a racist face, it's not the Don Killuminati, There going to hell, and I don't know where they can sell, illegal guns, and a murder sentence, in a jail cell. Watch out for there stress, $$# a low $$# arrest, they try to melest, a woman's short breast. They are nothing but a bunch of losers, and piggish whitemen, they are always choosen, the oldest rule and, man who are they foolin, nothing but the racist state, and the black helicopter cruisin. So one day, there will be a destruction, and a tribulation, what's there malifunction. There are nothing good, so welcome to the hood, don't be knockin on would, that's how it also should.

Satan is nothing but a fraud, he is also a con, don't be mad at God, he's trying to use the iron rod. And kill people with it, so he can also split, away from where he got lit, he aint never lugiut. Satan tries to be the best Antichrist, he can't roll the dice, cause he's not very nice, this is some good advice. So watch out for him, and his stupid grin, he's not going to win, because he's full of sin. So watch out for nothing, he is just bluffing, don't be scared of him, he is just fussing.

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