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Alyssa Bernal lyrics : "The Boy"

You walk into the room as if you're a guy who gets the girls
You wouldn't even notice me on top of the world
And then he smiles at me and I know I'm the one

If it feels this good being used
Then use me all you want

And he's the kind of boy you want so much it makes you sad
But I just want to be with him so bad

I'm only happy when he stays
And when he tries to leave me I cannot hide I start to cry
And after all this time I don't know why

I don't regret a single day the boy is here to stay

You drive me up the wall with those innocent eyes

I really shouldn't believe it but you know what I like
And you get the DJ to play our song
If it feels this good being used

You can use me all you want

Repeat chorus

He's always bringing me down
But I got my friends around

He makes me look like such a fool
But I keep telling myself
That it's gonna be allright

If I just...

Repeat chorus

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