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ALICIA EDELWEISS lyrics : "Alicia Edelweiss - Unfriendly People Lyrics"

Unfriendly People
they break my heart
to be a sensitive artist

alas! What a curse!

I went to church

to ask God for some money
I climbed the roof
and you chased me down

this isnâ??t the place
for unchristian behaviour
thereâ??s really no need

to lose all your manners, lady!

Unfriendly people

whatâ??s wrong with you
Man, whatâ??s wrong with you?
Do I look like

Iâ??d do something nasty to you?

Dirty old hobo

did that have to be? (Did that have to be!)
You threw that dirty handkerchief
quite obviously at me (Did that have to be!)

Innocently, like a silent lamb
you crept towards my park bench area
an old used tissue

right in my back
a real nasty attack!
No. an abused old man

who gets molested by cats
and other unfriendly people

Dirty old hobo!
With your 5 plastic bags that you carry all day
please believe me

when I smiled at you
I didnâ??t mean to offend you
in any way

oh, dirty old hobo!
I guess you mistook me for some
rich little brat

but just cause I donâ??t look like a homeless bum anymore
it doesnâ??t give you the right
to treat me like scum! Oh Godâ?¦

oh dirty old hobo!
I wanna give you all my love, oh yeah
Mmmmâ?¦ everythingâ??s gonna be alright now, ok


Unhappy church-lady

with your worried, mashed up face
youâ??re guarding the gold
of somebody else

unhappy (*##$
youâ??re such a hypocrite
do you wanna be my lover


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