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ALICE COOPER : Snakebite lyrics

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ALICE COOPER lyrics : "Snakebite"

Somebody better shake you
Somebody better turn your head around
I'm scratching like a wild cat

I'm spitting fire on the ground

You got my venom running thru ya

Ain't gonna let you run off wild


I'm Snakebite
I'm your only man
Snakebite is your lover

You'll never hide, baby understand
Snakebite drags you under
I'm Snakebite

They call me Snakebite

Nobody gonna take you

Nobody gonna touch your rebel skin
I'll break 'em like a matchstick
Cuz baby that's the kind of mood I'm in

My face is tattooed on your shoulder
Your name is scratched into my bike, yeah


You got my venom runnin' thru ya
If you're gonna run
Go running scared, I'm right behind ya


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