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ALEX GOOT : This Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics

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ALEX GOOT lyrics : "This Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen"

I always know where you are
And you always know where I am
We're taking away too far

But I don't want it to end

This kiss is something I can't resist

Your lips are unreliable
This kiss is something I can't risk
Your heart is unreliable

Some things are sentimental
You make so dactudental
And I wish it didn't feel like this

Cause I don't wanna miss this kiss
I don't wanna miss this kiss

You know you're just my type
And you're eyes are locking key, to my heart
Tempting my confession, and you're really hot babe

But you know i've got a boy somwhere
Too kind you feel the tension

And you, i'm dancing on where you are
And you're dancing where I am

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