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ALAINE : Sacrifice lyrics

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ALAINE lyrics : "Sacrifice"

OK ..ready

For you (I swear)

For you (I will)


For you I will sacrifice for all of my life
You and me will be together
For better or for worse

I vow through ups and downs
Here and now until forever
I'll sacrifice

Baby, you and me
Made it through so much

So many storms have come and
Still we're holding on
And I would be a fool to find your love

And then just let it go
It's me and you and you already know that...


You're sure that you love me unconditionally

Do whatever, you'll stay by my side
You're the one I trust with all my secrets
All my hidden fears

I run to you and you are always there


Sacrifice my love, my life
Baby, I know I will adore

I know but see into you
To you, to love, I'll hold on tight
No matter what may come my way

I'll do whatever it takes

[chorus x2]

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