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AIDEN lyrics : "Black Market Hell"

I like smokey, can i second that emotion?
You're a pisces, and i'm drowning in your ocean i'm wasting all my time in your office complex
When i really want to see you in that black sundress

May marie don't misunderstand me
Your eyes like to tease saying "you can't have me."
Hey, marie, won't you understand me

I really want a piece of your psycho-candy.
You've been running, through my imagination
Like a movie, and i want to be your agent

We can talk all day, about my electra complex
But i really want to see you lose that black sundress
May marie, don't misunderstand me

I know it's not for free, your psycho-candy.
Hey, marie, i don't mean to be demanding
I'm aching for a piece of your psycho-candy.

A figure so divine, with a halo that glows
A wire from greta told me all i need to know
Shivers down my spine, i wanna paint your toes

I'm twisted inside out, what more do you need to know?
It's a tangle, of intricate emotion
You're an angel

But you give me evil notions
I've wasted every dime, i guess i'm just too complex
Do you really want to see me in that black sundress?

May, marie, this is not the way i planned it
I'm aching for a piece of your psycho-candy
Hey marie, i won't take it for granted

If i could have a piece of your psycho-candy...

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