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AI OTSUKA : Strawberry Jam (english) lyrics

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AI OTSUKA lyrics : "Strawberry Jam (english)"

On mornings fragrant with the smell of bread, the strawberry jam
is on the table
You don't look like you're fond of sweets, [but]

it's your favorite
You sleep till the last minute
Even if I wake you up, you're late

I'm overwhelmed by your long lashes & your cute sleeping

Even I come to like the things that you do

When I'm with you,

the happiness always increases
Like always, you get up and begin [the day by]
kissing me, half asleep

After all, you haven't gotten up yet
even though there's piping hot coffee

Are you pretending to be asleep?
Do you intend to surprise me when I get close?

When I get close, you open your eyes
In spite of knowing [what you were going to do], I got

Even if we were to be reborn once more,
I think that we'd want to meet each other again

Everyday, Whenever you come, I'm sure
that your feelings will probably increase

Earlier, you snacked on the sweet, sweet strawberry jam

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