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AFROMAN : Wonderful Tonite lyrics

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AFROMAN lyrics : "Wonderful Tonite"

The more you drink the better i sound
go to the bar and buy another round i feel wonderful
how many people feel wonderful tonight

she unfastens her bra strap
she slides off her underwear

the beautiful moonlite
reflects on her pubic hair

I open her legs
then slowly slide my tounge inside
and say darlin

you taste wonderful tonite

she sucks on my dick head

she gradually licks my balls
she tickles my $$#hole
cause this girl can do it all

i came so hard
i slowly lost my eyesight

And I said darlin
you suck wonderful tonite

(phone rings) Hey get the phone man

Hello, what?

Eric Clapton aint gonna clear it?
tell em sue me this %#@! is tight

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