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AFROMAN : Freak On With You lyrics

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AFROMAN lyrics : "Freak On With You"

[Verse 1]
Walking down the street with a gangsta limp
Hoes on the corner like a O.G. pimp

Feelin real good cuz I'm drunk and high
Throwin up the hood as the cars go by
The light turned green and I started to bail

Across the street, drunk as hell
Seen a fine girl at the red light
Her face her hair her car was tight

The light turned green and she had to go
The (*##$ pulled over at the liquor sto'
She got out the car and walked around

And there I was, posted 'cuz
She looked at the Khakis hangin off my $$#
She put her head down and tried to pass real fast

But on the way back out, before she left
I asked her with Colt 45 on my breath

Can I get my freak on with you? (come here baby)
Smoke some weed and drink some brew (I love ya body)

Can I get my freak on with you? (yeah)
Smoke some weed and drink some brew (oww)

[Verse 2]
When I heard Too Short "The Freaky Tales"
I was still a virgin, I was mad as hell

Had nothin to lose, everythang to prove
Tryin to $#&@ every duck that moved
Hangin at the swapmeet, drunk and high

Flirtin with the hoodrats walkin by
Sometimes I got dissed, sometimes I got laid
Sometimes I got ganked, sometimes I got paid

High school parties in East Palmdale
Dancin with a female lookin bomb as hell
With a booty up against me make me feel real good

Plus her hands between my legs rubbin on my wood
My dick Johnny Cochran gets real hard
And all of a sudden, I want the broad

High on weed, drunk on beer
That's when I whispered in her ear


[Verse 3]

Redheads, blond hoes, Puerto Ricans and chicanos
Oriental girls not mention black
Back to back, stacked like a six-pack

Panties droppin, bra unstrappin
Like Mariah Carey I'ma +Make It Happen+
Whoo whoo (whoo whoo), ride hoes like my Coupe

I'm 30 years old in 2004
I got a wife and I don't $#&@ around no more
Ay, remember Joby, well Joby's a giant

And (*##$es wanna do me like I'm Kobe Bryant
Too many skeezers, too many diseases
Now I'm in the Bible tryna be like Jesus

I used to be a gigalo back in the day
I remember when I used to say

[Chorus: 2x]

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