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AFROMAN : Back To School lyrics

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AFROMAN lyrics : "Back To School"

Man my daddy told me boy when i was your age i had to walk thiteen miles to school. I said ohh is that why you didnt graduate. talkin noise with all of my homeboys, ready to go back to school. with a mouth full of beer and a nose full of weed. momma moma momma go the university of smoking [email protected][email protected]&&. all of my friends go to USC. so ima tag along and hit the tumb of weed. walking through the masses looking for my classes. can't concentrate on the teachers surrounded by tities and $$#es. spend alot of money on some brand new clothes tryin to impress these brand new hoes. laugh everytime i have sex with a chick. baby don't go im the next convict.

(first minute of song )(way to long to translate)

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