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AERIALS : Intelligent Design lyrics

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AERIALS lyrics : "Intelligent Design"

Deceitful, ignorance of the people,
who choose to live their lives so blind.
Unequal, something so unbelievable

That they are able to corrupt your idle mind.
Monopoly over what you believe,
there is no discourse.

Atrocities are what we've seen,
there is no remorse.
God made me this way,

Or so you say
This is the road less traveled,
I know I know.

But I feel like I owe myself,
a way to grow.
If I'm part of the stagnancy,

I'll be guilty.
Embodied in the misery,
Free will is unseen.

I understand the fear,
That I've been through.
Reality is ever clear,

A life renewed.
Just an excuse for wealth,
There are none too wise to lie.

If there is a place called hell,
You will be there right by my side.
Corrupting influence,

Behold the injustices.
What am I
What am I

What am I
What am I

God made me this way,
Or so you say

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