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AEON OF HORUS : Resolve lyrics

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AEON OF HORUS lyrics : "Resolve"

Through the course of this advance
The evolution from body to mind
A mind of matter and its energy

With a thought it feels the warmth of a distant furnace
With a glance elements form pulled from an event horizon

The matrix it seems, is no less than its been
And will be more than can be imagined

Fuelled by atomic decay
Absorbing through the vortices
Like a pulse wave through a matter rich medium

All things have come and gone from a single moment
This entityâ?¦.
The orb aligns together

Reality based life form

There is always a new pattern to understand

Forever an experience to unfold
With no restriction it can be malleable
It can be proud and controlling of an instinct

One pressurised orb to dance with another
Wavers in the vast

Never again will power be implied
No... It is now and for all time.
All Time

Radiating across the expansive theatre
No barriers for the stage in which it is played

This new sign of intelligence
The new peak in evolution
It is the master of existence

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