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Adrienne Young : Poison lyrics

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Adrienne Young lyrics : "Poison"

Gonna take a long time to get over you
Love's poison addiction offers me no rescue
Gonna be a hard road back to where I started from

'Cause you touched the deepest part of me and filled me
With your song
And I sang along

I believe in you and what you gotta do
But what you're goin through is poison,

Poision to the two of us
Used to stand so tall
Til I took the fall, greatest fall of all

Was when I fell for you

Our cloudy skies held lonely forms

Your anger familiar thick as air before a storm
Now lookin' back I know the truth was plain to see
I built my world around you cause I

I needed to believe
And I still believe

Time & time again we tried so hard to win
But the pleasures of a foolish paradise
Is nothing but a sin

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