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Adrianne : Storm lyrics

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Adrianne lyrics : "Storm"

Oh I don't know what you gonna do, with me,
Because everything I hid in my heart, I just set free,
And I don't wanna skate away- (don't think so anyway),

I just want to sit in this storm with you.
I just want to sit in this storm with you.

Well I've been runnin' runnin' runnin' to fast, for too long.
But you stop, stop me right in my tracks, 'cause I was wrong
Keepin my foot out the door, doesn't work for me anymore,

I just wanna sit in this storm with you.

And when it's pourin' for days, pourin' for nights,

Smearin' all the words alright.
I won't leave you babe, I am with you babe,
We have a deal, yes we do.

I'm gonna soak you up and let it all in, one day,
I'm gonna shoot down all of the stars, I wish away,

'Cause I can love you from the sunshine blue,
To the clouds greyer hue,
Just wanna to sit in this storm with you,

I just wanna to sit, in this storm, with you.

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