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ADEPT : An Ode To Norah Barnes lyrics

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ADEPT lyrics : "An Ode To Norah Barnes"

Where is the light you speak of
The comfort within your words
Did it all just pass you by unaware of the consequences

Come on and taste the fire
The heat will wash upon you
You burned away the future

I'll burn away the past
Fall into the hands of our saviour
To hide it all

But my voice will be the last you hear
The child most die
Will you forgive me father for sins that I have done

Will you believe my father when blood is all around
Come on and taste the fire! The heat will wash upon you
Inject the barrel baby

I'll paint you oh so red
Now can you lie
While suffocating

Can this moment rewind
My hand is on your neck
I'm taking back what is mine

A different shade of blue brings out the best in you
Close your eyes and make believe
That this will be the last time that you feel anything

Honestly you know that you will not be missed by anyone at all
And now the child most die
This will not be forgotten

A leap of faith turns into hopelessness
This is the last time
That I put my trust into your fragile hands

Smile for the camera
Lets make this moment last a lifetime
The murder

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