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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Why"

I wonder why
And I wonder why

Bad things happen to good people, you know?
I mean we all gotta die I guess, huh?

Uh, I wonder why these ^!$$%s hatin on me

Probly the reason most them (*##$es waitin on me
%#@!, they just tell me kill them with success my ^!$$%
Still wonderin why my daddy wasn't a father figure

Just the thought of thinkin bout it makes me $#&@in mad
Did my mama proud and put her right into that ladies Jag
She cried a hundred tears, I prayed a hundred times

I wish my grandmother could see this with her own eyes
I'm wonderin why God took her but I'm not one to question
Conversation with my ^!$$%s on how we came from nothing

I wonder why this world is crazy, babies having babies
I wonder why these women shady screamin he should pay me
Go to court and they get half, I think that %#@! is crazy

Now you forced to give that crib and that new white Mercedes
I'm wonderin why I love my ^!$$%s but I don't love these hoes
I'm sittin behind closed doors but only Lord knows

Truth told my savior is 7 0's
But who knows? I'd rather die with a rich soul
Wonder with Mick Romney ever felt neglected

Since Obama's last election
You might not like it but they will respect it
Another fold just as we all expected?

I got many questions

I wonder
I wonder why 4-50 had that
Take that trip to North Carolina

I wonder would he still be here with me, you know?
I miss my ^!$$% anyway
I wonder why

I wonder why the good die young

I wonder why they hatin where I'm from
I wonder why I never gave a $#&@
Made a couple mill but that %#@! ain't enough

I wonder why these rappers tryina steal my style
All these wannabes are like some circus clowns
I wonder why I lost my daughter Lyric Star

Why them complications happened to her heart
Got so many questions, not too many answers
Lost so many ^!$$%s, granny to the cancer

I wonder why I got a crazy $$# baby momma
Every other day is like some kind of $#&@in drama
Wonder why these people out here sleepin on me

I wonder why the money turnin people phony
I done seen some ^!$$%s turn against they homies
Funny when I was broke them (*##$es didn't know me

%#@! is $#&@ed up, sister having tough luck
Wonder why them #~!!@ ^!$$%s mad 'cause I came up
I just copped a new crib, Aston on the way ho

Pocket full of pesos, made ^!$$% ? case closed
I wonder why these hoes love a ^!$$%
Prolly 'cause these diamonds make that #~!!@ quiver

I'm gon $#&@ her good and she gon cry a river
Bad yella (*##$ and I'm in love wit er
I wonder why, I wonder why

As long as ^!$$%s hustle let's go multiply
As long as ^!$$%s hustle let's go multiply

I wonder
You know

I don't understand how ^!$$%s can
Chase women but not money
I wonder, you know?

How you can hate on another man
Provide for his family
Maybe it's just me
I wonder though, you know?

Oh %#@! %#@! %#@! my bad
I wasn't even payin attention
%#@! go ahead, one more time with that

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