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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Who Hotter Than Me"

Ace Hood, Gotta,
Gutta coming soon my ^!$$%,
Who hotter then gotta ^!$$%, no ^!$$% hotter then ace hood

See I don jumped up in the game, tell em who hotter then me,
Know you heard about the name, H double O-D the beast,

Been up in it 6 months, already BET
If your searching for the young tell em watch TV
1 0 sixty Parker Rap CD is where the kid be

Swag switching on them haters, still $#&@ing with the streets
Went from being fed bound, to up in the magazines

She say have a couple a fans, not hundred thousand that scream
Ain't nobody do it wrong, they cant do it like me

Point your baddest (*##$ out, and bet let her $#&@ the team
When I step up on the scene, bet your main broad leave
She ain't kicking with a lame get some brain, ill leave

Bet you tried and call her names, she forget who you be

$#&@ ^!$$%, im ACE, he ain't hotter than me

Only ^!$$% in the hood on them mink fur seats
Lamborghini doors up, see the now and later feet
Got the star bursts on my neck, jelly beans for the wrist

I'm a virus going round, cause the jewels so sick
Take the smell of a ^!$$%, (*##$ I know that i'm the %#@!

Who will start us in the game, on the summer jam list
Atlantic ATM, i'm on my New York %#@!

Got the single of the year, suck ^!$$%s getting pissed
Spent a hundred for the chain, but i'm still up in the v.i.c.
Homies say you getting money, flipping, serving them Blur

That's the streets bout the ^!$$% ain't a man of his word

#~!!@ ^!$$% where your money, (*##$ you lying to the birds

Type a ^!$$% go to court and tell the judge what he heard
He ain't hotter than me, and i'm sure you ^!$$%s heard
Got the streets on lock, they know the verses, every word

Every noun and every verb, (*##$ that's all a ^!$$% serve
Any questions bout me, #~!!@ ^!$$% see the streets

One question for you ^!$$%s, now tell em what it be

Who hotter than me ^!$$%

Who hotter than hood ^!$$%
Gutta, coming soon homie
Gutta, who hotter than me ^!$$%

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