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ACE HOOD lyrics : "We Them Niggas"

Anybody seen a waitress? Tell her bring more liquor
All my dawgs in the building, and we smokin' on that killer

Anybody know a hater? Middle finger to the ceiling
Feelin' like John Gotti ? can't nobody f-ck with us (turn up)
We them ^!$$%s? we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s?

All the bad (*##$es know it (all the bad (*##$es know it)
We them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s?
Middle finger to the ceiling?

We them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s?
We don't really give a f-ck?
'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s

[Verse 1:]
I'm screamin' ?f-ck them other ^!$$%s 'cause I'm down for my ^!$$%s?

Middle finger to the ceiling, everybody keep calm
'Cause you've got some real ^!$$%s in the building
And you don't really look familiar ? that's your girl?

My bad, in my ear she's been begging me to hit her
Oh lord! Oh lord!
Have her really catching feelings all night from the club to the villa

Know you're chilling with the realest, I ain't even gotta say it
Blowin' money, I don't really mean to litter
We them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s from the bottom to the top

Y'all mad? LOL ? go figure
Balmain on the feet, twenty bottles of the peach
On the way, light 'em up, light 'em up

I don't really give a what, I don't really give a what
Mess around, I'mma buy the whole club
I'm just really showin' love

That gon' probably get 'em mad, so sad
All haters need a hug
Take a hit of these drugs, gettin' high with my dawgs

'Til the ma'f-ckin' sun come up
Let it pass, puff puff


[Verse 2:]

I let them haters keep talkin' while the money pile up
I pull up in a two-seater, you see him with a badass (*##$
Lil' ^!$$%, that's a must

Good Lord! Good Lord!
Man, her $$# so !@$!ed it belong on a short yellow bus
And she rollin' with them ^!$$%s, but she knew that already

Yeah, we heavy in this (*##$ like ?what??
Now where you from, where you from?
Don't nobody else matter but your day one ^!$$%s from the jump

Yeah we started from the bottom with a dream and a dollar
Keep it real, shorty, I know you wanna f-ck
Amen! Amen!

Swear this watch that I'm wearin' on my wrist
Man, this %#@! is pretty rare
Everything I do big, all I do is set trends

You can try it, don't nobody really care
Don't nobody really care
I can show you my committee, in my city

Boy, I'm treated like the mayor
Way the bezel gold is shining on a 100 grand Rollie
Boy, it really ain't a choice but to stare

I'm just keepin' %#@! player?


Let me hear you say ?f-ck the ^!$$%s?

'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s
Let me hear you say ?f-ck the ^!$$%s?
'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s

Let me hear you say ?f-ck the ^!$$%s?
'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s
Everybody know they can't $#&@ with us

'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s, what?
'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s, what?
'Cause we them ^!$$%s, we them ^!$$%s, what?

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