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ACE HOOD lyrics : "They Trippin (Im Different Freestyle)"

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
I put the Porsche in them inches
the photo addition

I keep a (*##$ in the kitchen
The $$# sittin' ridiculous
This the Mission

Chains all vintage
Came to buy the club boy $#&@ who in attendance
Doc just called man told me find a clinic

Swag so sick aids when I go to spittin'
Man I'm different, yeah ^!$$% different
Ride 28′s on the Chevy $#&@ 26′s

Every summer ball while you watchin' on the benches
Got a sewed up rap game need the stitches
Top off the Jeep man that mother$#&@er senseless

Hottest in the streets please tell em' bare with this
Chris Paul on this bull%#@! no Pippen
Crossover crossover fade away instant

When he done you gon' rock them ankles like Christmas
Might alley-oop guess who? Blake Griffin
Man ya'll trippin

Money is the mission
All-Star week ball player and some (*##$es
Or I mean women

Lord knows I'm sinnin'
She can't believe the watch
I told her watch Ripley's

All-Star weekend
Woman everywhere decisions
I tell em ball on a hater

Penthouse marble floors two elevators I'm gone
[Outro: Ace Hood]
Ya'll trippin, ya'll trippin

Money is the motivate mission
Yeah, money is the mission
Shout out to Chris Paul

Shouts out to..
All star weekend
We gon' turn up in the city

I be out there
Wild'n out doin my thing
You know what I'm sayin?

Ace Hood, you know how I do it
I be out there We The Best clique
bad (*##$es ahh.. feel me?

This just how we get down man
Oh my bad
Ace Hood

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