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ACE HOOD lyrics : "The Trailer"

Uh, okay now $#&@ all this bull%#@!, I'm fresh off a full clip
Counting this $#&@ing money, did that with no scholarship
I guess what that money taught, so $#&@ what you ^!$$%s thought

My (*##$ got a Porsche truck, like look what that #~!!@ parked
Got that hustler demeanor, fresh and I'm out that two seater
Got to sleep with the reaper, and watch out for them people

Cause the devil be lurkin', all these pistols are dirty
All my ^!$$%s is riders, their clips extended with thirty
I woke up early this morning, thanked the lord I'm alive

Kissed my daughter then told my lady I'm back on the grind
Gotta do it for ? , that's my daily remind
$#&@ these (*##$es, the money, power, respect on my mind

It ain't no love for the week, ain't no top on the Jeep
Tell them haters I'm over sea's, I'll be back in a week
I'm trying to get richer than Trump, a couple million for lunch

I need the cover of Forbes with We The Best on the front
I'm going main, ^!$$% kiss my $$#
These ^!$$%s be stealing my flow and all, ain't even mad

I swear my flow is dope as !@%!e, come get your bag
Just bought that Aston Martin, ymmm', that $#&@er fast
^!$$% started with a dollar and a dream, show me the cream

All about that profit piling, partner that's by any means
That fifty-thousand in my pocket busting out the seams
Hopping out that coupe, that roof go missing (*##$ like bada-bing

Knock knock, bang bang, ever since back then they wanna know who I be
H double-O-D, was running the streets since I was like seventeen
I put it on mama, always dreamed of having a Lamborghin'

Them ^!$$%s was hating, still I was skating in that ?
Oh I mean ?
It's money over (*##$es, what my ^!$$%s claim

Probably in the whip with my little Spanish thing
All day, in the back of the back number nine J's
I be balling, small thing know what I mean?

I say what's up with them (*##$es? Molly, weed, and some liquor
I'm the type of ^!$$% do you first and then your sister
I'm a savage, with fifty karats

Came from the bottom of the barrel, to living lavish
Blood on my sneakers, brother's keeper I see dead people
'Bout them figures, squeeze them triggers I'm just soul seeking

I think you #~!!@, I can smell it on you loud and clear
And since my daddy left me young, I ran up out of fear
And when it come down to my family, (*##$ I die for them

Blow that chopper through your chest to show you %#@! is real

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