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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Take It There"

Ace Hood, I know Hip-hop
Okay trade up off the back I'll be the highest ^!$$%
Spittin thousand dollar for lewest couple hundred for the fit it

And it's G'd around my color
Work about a 150 keep a couple gunners with me
Smoking... on the sticky kay

Please don't make me take you there
^!$$%s is spittin than yoggy bear
Make me a movie like...

Chain so bright no short to stare
I'll be on that... your city I just might appear
Be my ^!$$% kick on and the franky got that proper gear

That just mean that chopper on board,
Won't no problems here
So I'm take you (*##$ bring her back

She's a souvenir, man is be ^!$$% whillin
Having... we're out of here
Still be here and stillin like Versace be my sponsor ship

I'm chasin chips you're chasin (*##$
You guess the hoe she eat the dick
Foreign whips I do the %#@! my presidential soul and jet

Now why you go and do that there
I wanna be and %#@! the I'll
I'm tryin to rhyme the p**sy swimming out like school again

Hole up, starvation sue is coming soon,
Aay them ^!$$% sleeping,
Burn your matrax and repeat it,

If they thinking they the hottest
Then they clearly could be dreaming
Probably drinking gasoline and that's be frying dragon demon gone

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