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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Ride (Remix)"

(feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, T-Pain)
Even though I'm in the streets, you know exactly what I do, and then I,

chase this paper you ain't gotta wait for me to bring it back home to youuu, because I ride, or die, girl we gon be good

[Ace Hood:]

Baby just hold it down, I need a chick that'll ride for me,
my gutta baby who ain't scared to put it down for me, see this the remix shawty I'm a keep the cash comin,
don't guess who played the track and fast to keep the cash runnin, you my official lady,

no booin like mcgrady, don't do nobody favors, tell em $#&@ off and pay us,
that's what I love about you, don't watch no soap operas, you back that paper half naked get that?
in prada, then bring them dollas back to papa give you half a profit, you can go b low the money,

that louie bag of hundreds, we tryin to holla, but she be hella frontin, she never met a ^!$$% real as... so it's all or nuttin


[Rick Ross:]
She my lamborghini, I'm her 57, when she hold me I close my eyes and just picture heaven,

she picture perfect, this a perfect picture, I'm stuffin thousand lines in each and every verse I get ya,
I kiss her in the mouth, she watch my money stack, she know I'm here forever, it's deeper then a rap,
I have multiple showin, she one in a milli, now it's colorful stones, cause there's ice in my phillies,

[Juelz Santana:]
Sorry, I gotta go I gotta get it, but she know how daddy roll I'm coming back home with it,

sometime I take her with me when I go and get my dough,
cause my girl roll harder then some ^!$$%s I know, and I know, that she know, I'm by her side, she by my side,
and if I ride then she gon ride and we gon ride until we die, now now now now, picture us rollin,

in something stolen, steering wheel twirlin, who? me and my girlfriend.


[Ace Hood:]
I gotta chick that'll hold me down, she moving no, when I'm outta town,

she ride or die and keep it line she never deny me down,
she find me %#@! that's bigger then? the baddest (*##$ around,
that's why I let her push the whip and drop the top and down,

and give her the stacks you just imagine you should see the smiles,
I have her shippin crates to different places out of town,
baby we ballin see them hatas they so out of bounds,

let's have a toast, I'm supposed to lay your body down,
I spread the money round give it to ya doggy style,
see this the remix bay I might just put that tonguein down,

gotta keep it gutta baby I'm tryin to hear that moanin sound,
cause you my ride or die it ain't no question about that...

Even though I'm in the streets, you know exactly what I do,
and when I chase this paper you ain't gotta wait for me to bring it back home to you,

because I ride or die, girl we gon be good, cause if you ride or die, we gon make it out this hood...

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