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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Reminiscing"

Lets take these !@$@s back to 98
Mama in the kitchen, cookin up her favorite cake
Daddy gone, never home, he say he gotta stay

Five times I only seen that !@$@ to this day
And I was blind as a youngun but I learned better
Five kids, visitation, game, never

But aint trippin, mama did your daddy work?
23 and got a crib thats seven figures worth
Even as a youngun I had bigger dreams

Maybe another way instead of triple beans
17 all about that green cream
Break that 9 to 5, I quitted in about a week

Thats true story, it was overrated
They dont crack those middle fingers cuz they under payment
Back on the block, not a single dollar

I told her mom that hottest !@$@ had a brother
They laughed at me, they clown me
They hatin %#@!, dont want that (*##$ around me

So I joined the label, dollars and deals
I stayed around the corner for my missal deal
Stacking that money, switching them wips

Motivated by the dope boy aint gettin chips
My vision changed, the struggle came
I see my mama cryin, I can feel her pain

The pills are so behind we cant afford a thing
We cant afford a thing
Couple months I met with DJ Katadim

Saw my killing, got a hundred thousand dollars pimp
Call my mother crying like we outta here
Hard times, kiss my $$#

Flew the Louie, pressing thousands in the duffle bag
That was 074, back to 20 12
Paid a set, I get one hitin thirty well

Not sugar coating %#@!, you ^!$$%s fairytale
They free my !@$@s locked behind them prison cells
Im one of just a few who send my !@$@s mail

Hearing a lot of talk bout what you ^!$$%s do
Im everywhere, you never there, Im like a prostitute
Brought my money, let that pistol brush your !@*^s

Speaking on my fam you get the medic room
A couple top tens, (*##$ Im livin good
Get house in Miami and that record do it

Make them (*##$es suck it till they catch the fluid
I just lost my daughter but Im prayin through it

Star faish, star faish
Livin every day like Im on vacaish
Underrated, they say I is

And Imma give em heel over satan feels

Star faish, star faish

Like looking in the eyes of a poor baby
Poor baby, they scared not
Did it for you non-believers case you wonder why


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