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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Picture Me Rollin"

Gutta understand that boss,
It's me again,
This time im in my flyiest sh*t n***a,

If yee aint think im going to the top,
Speak to that huh,

(Verse 1)
Picture me rollin in that new 600,
With the big rims on it, gettin blunted counting money

Antother day in my side, im living the star life
Picture me strollin that louis bag and fresh nikes,
And many nights i pray right, that sleep tight

With many vision i'm now living that lime lite
They couldnt picture me dead and preaching that man christ
Lord watch over the kid and let me say it twice,

As i'm becoming the man walk me through life,
I give a damn about a hater that can die twice,
I put it on my only mom who provide life,

For the youngin promise i'ma see a meal twice,
Picture me rollin in a deep sea ocean,
A yacht keep floatin, imagine me coastin,

I'm on the top with a free ?????,
Drinking H's face giving thanks for the potion,
Linen suits, swade shoes and i'm focused,

It's one motion i'm filled with emotion,
Picture me roll with the best in the business,
Def jam tag just to add to the vision,

I give thanks all praise to the man,
Who in hand given hand, he the best with decisions,
Dont get it twisted the mind frame gifted,

Show me watu got like its hoovers invention,
Picture me rollin im in the city vibin,
A dark boys hidin' my eyes through the violence,

I'm in a whip wit'a b*tch from the islands,
That tupac bang as i lead ima ride,
Picture me rollin if you can't just imagine a 22 C just creep on a wagon,

I'm ace hood im just trynna live lavish,
Straight from the hood were the blocks be savage,
I here 'em talking, i'm just tryna get cabage,

Trynna put moms in a crib wita passion,
Its gon happen the mind is the focus,
Its one motion, im filled with emotion,

Pitcure me rollin(x2)

Yeah rollin, str8 the top,
Picture me rollin, Ace Hood
Mr Makalister,

Picture me rollin'
305 You cant feel my vibe,

You cant be were im at just...,
This what i want you to do!

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