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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Pay Her Bills (Cardiack Beats)"

okay $$# in the air keep the face down
you know i'm catching body this a shake down
real bone hear long teddy ..

..a ^!$$% tell em â?¦
money in my pockets and it fills the jeans
so rock it spride on mix it with the lean squeeze

jump about the felon was just a dream
only sticks around me try to .. me please
i'm .. this hale ^!$$% i need the flow

got them (*##$es on me p**sy soon i hit the dough
man i still like mister hoodie you'll be ..
and f*ck this lame ^!$$%s they'll be hatin on you

that's cause i'm beatin to much money now you get this
we can sweepin up ..you get this
grand new grand on the f*ck the kensis

never mind won't made it why don't witness


shawty pop that p**sy on the head stand
like my winnin .. girlfriend
she won't do the honest than another will

see a ball do whatever for a dollar bills

she gonna bust it on me i'm gonna pay her bills

she chick on bust it on i'm gonna pay a bills
she gonna bust it on me i'm gonna pay them bills
f*ck it i just do it to enjoy the ..

tall heels in your clothes dirty evaporated
i'ma call it shots and you just demonstrated

gonna poppin p**sy like you know the deal
40 pay you wants ..payin bills
f*ck them other ^!$$%s they irrelevant

if they got their size screaming arrogants
walk up in the club they got high
swag killin ^!$$%s on the suicide

^!$$%s call me â?¦the time
..them killers ..
black young ^!$$% where the ..

hangin on mercedes that is miss of taste
open about that (*##$ i got my romeo
track black diamonds on the rollerstone

f*ck you and your friends but my homie's on
but first i need to listen to my favorite side

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