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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Nothing to Something"

A dollar and a dream
Get it by any means

Started with a couple ^!$$%s loyal to a team
Hard work, it was once a dream
Won it all my ^!$$%, I'm all about the cream

From nothing to something
Nothing to something
Broke as a joke, them ^!$$%s would think it was funny

Nothing to something
From nothing to something
How we them ^!$$%s on the boulevard who run it

[Verse 1]
From nothing to something

To frequently stuntin'
Used to diss me now them (*##$es be easily $#&@in'
No use for the bucket, I'm whippin' a Phantom

Still I know who get it cheap out of Little Havana
Keep it caution ^!$$%s, know who be talkin' bananas
Watch you block up, give a $#&@ if you holdin' umbrellas

Watch the ^!$$%s you around cuz mother$#&@in' jealous
Pillow talkin' with them (*##$es could be repercussions
No pity for weak, we playin' for keeps

Put feet on the jeep and ride with that piece on the seat
No sleep when it's beef here, don't trust the whole from the streets
^!$$%s set you up and act like they one of your peeps

I got it from nothing, to money your bundles
Don't give a $#&@ if ^!$$%s owe me a couple of hundred
I need that, I'm talkin' asap

Got this %#@! off the muscle, I'm talkin' way back
Little Frangle you ^!$$%s, (*##$es you hatin' $$#
Only reason I come through stuntin' with paper tags

Yellow diamonds be shining, know how to pay back
You ^!$$%s boring, I whipped the foreign, it's 8 spac


[Verse 2]

Chasing that money still to church on the Sunday
Hustling foreigns, upgrade you swagger from bummy
Still got that pistol tucked by the waist and the tummy

$#&@ing these (*##$es, still they can't get nothing from me
Rolling on 4G idles and move to the paper
Let the wrist, ain't got the window to $#&@ up a hater

Let's get 'em pissed, look at my latest (*##$
You will think Beyonce ride with me at the wheel
(*##$ we the business, couple million

Swimmin' in $#&@ what you think or you feelin'
Hustle hard, so potent with balls
Still whippin' them cars, don't know what's in the garage

I'm rich yay, crib got a few in the made
She cook what I crave, wake up to water and waves
It's bawse livin', pimpin', you in it or not

Whole team balling, (*##$es you $#&@in' or not?
Rollie on me, got more cracks than a crack-head
26's on the chicas in Bali

I got what I needed, consistently dreamin'
Lookin' at a hustler dog if you never seen it


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