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ACE HOOD lyrics : "My Speakers"

ace knocking my speakers x 12

..spitting that idle real %#@! to your speakers
no top to your ..die no for ..
i'm a young ^!$$% who dump in

old school no .. stares
real ^!$$% no fool gaze
shoot clever like luke swayze

young boy he .. down as ..
big money don't do drown
f*ck her she don't do ..

..a lot of y'all my ..
walk it out in my snickers
the whole resign of my features

i'll be okay fly you ^!$$% you run way
don't give a loud on that gun play
and sweep it up on my mama

i'ma .. them ..you play you .. a ^!$$% rose
ace knocking my speakers x 12

now money on them (*##$es
open the bottle new dealy

trapped up like you're ..
gotta keep there from my enemies
this smoke full no ...

that get money my remedy
this .. you got me ..
they're hating %#@! no ..

^!$$% i'm runnin runnin i'm getting it
and most .. my jury call me 2 50
i'ma talk a (*##$ .. knocking out my snickers

they steal from the teacher
hey rocking round no ..
that straight drop no ..

i'm a ^!$$% ^!$$% rose teacher
got not problem 20 grant no do no ..
i'm ready you heard you ..

your sweet home like ..
your ..wanna go ..i forbid i ..

ace knocking my speakers x 12

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