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ACE HOOD lyrics : "My Bible"

[Silkk & Master P talking]
Yo, P was happening dog
Ah man, it's still a dross you know, but the game then change these

youngstas than made it bad, you know we all about our paper but some of
these fools just make and take murder.
They want it the easy way.

See I don't want to be here,

If I don't gotta,
My weed habit, is so close to snorting powder,
Got a few (*##$es, but it's all about a dollar,

and they don't holla, unless you moving narcota

[Silkk the Shocker]

I'm just sitting in my Cadillac
Riding on some triple gold
Smoking octamos,^!$$%

Shining up my vogues
Thanking this hoe called me,
and she was tripping out

say I had a baby by her,
figuring I was taking out
I'm just trying stack a meal,no what I'm saying

that %#@! real, trying to hide and dodge,
but I can't seem to hid my $#&@ing bill
On how to cook dope, and chop a key

My brother showed me that
I only live once,guess what
A dope fiend told me that

These hoes be trying to holla
It seems that I got riches
When I got money, I got (*##$es

I got friends that want to get it
Can he hit it, then quit it
To try to survive and stay alive

It's a everyday struggle,every day hustle
You can see it in my eye, but I don't want to die
I don't want to be here

If I don't gotta
I got friends and (*##$es, but they don't holla
If I don't got narcotas or dollars, I

[Master P talking]
Damn, check this out Elror

It's real out here, you heard me, huh bro


Man I might have a daughter

No money, no life
Check it shocker, just bills, hanging because
Not giving, a $#&@, and I'm telling you what's real

You want to know what kill
Most of these ^!$$%s on these streets, is jive
I don't know why, these you cats out here

thank they got nine lives
I die for me, with pride
And I then lost the closes thing to me

Pretty $#&@ed up trading,
or i got some killas that want to do me
Them girls trying to blue me

What all I trying do, is what I love
Let my people know I feel them,(?)
And then go smoke some bud

I got a habit with drugs
Which I ain't suggesting for beginners
In my hood, ain't no winners,

just some thugging $$# sinners
Presenta, my life, my life, and take a good view
My bad days, i wouldn't dare

wanna wish them upon you.


[Silkk the Shocker]
Now see I didn't ask to come here
I guest untwisted faith of luck
15 minutes of unprotected sex,

in a heat of moment, came a quick $$# nut
Now if I wouldn't been born
I wouldn't grew, I wouldn't knew
Never had to go through, half the tangs a ^!$$% went through
I'm in the projects hearing gunshots

Right before I close my eyes
All I heard was one shot
And they only sent one cop when he died
I got some questions
That I couldn't really understand for awhile

They say rain brang pain
But what brang smiles
And see I guess I was to caught up in those fake ^!$$%s
And (*##$es to know
I guess I was blind by the fast money,

and switches on the 64
They gotta, gotta be a better way out,
then hell or jail
I know I'm wrong for selling dope to my family
Just to get mail
Some get high off of sess

To relieve their stress
But no matter, how much success
You can't cheat death
Where yal at

[Master P talking]
Heard that, can't get no realler than this

I don't want to be here if I don't have to.


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