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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Money Ova Here"

A fresh Louie V. jeans and a fitted cap
A brand new old skool with the top back

See ain't another gettin money so clear
We got money ova here, kick it with a millionaire

Cause I look like money, I smell like money
My swag one hundred, system fulla that scummy

I ball like a dawg seven days of the week
They don't get it like this, tellem get it like me
We got money ova here, we got money ova here

We got money ova here, we got money ova here
See you chillin' with a lame baby he ain't got change
Ain't no money ova there, kick it with a millionaire

[Verse 1]
Well I'm fresh on the scene a hundred grand in the jeans

Bet you can't get these, spent a grand for the Visa
Let my pants hang you know I'm on lean
Rollin' with some O.G.s, and they all tote beams

I'm the man in my city tellem get like me
I'm the man in the club blowin stacks erry week
Ask ya chick bout the kid I bet she wanna do me

And I let her get the donk plus the stacks and the keys
Give her drank in a Louie V. type things
We got money ova here, we got money ova here

See the jews too loud baby girl I can't hear
Trash bag fulla ones throw the money in the air


[Verse 2]

We got money ova here, you can tell by the wrist glow
Cash flow, nympho, see me in a six fo'
Pants hang low cause the dough got me crypto

Drop straight cash while you crabs at a rental
80 fo the Jag play the tags what is info
Money out the $$# I don't brag I just get mo'

Say you gettin cash tryin flash I don't think so
Pull up in the jalapeño Lambo
Up on a truck bet you've neva seen those

With a hot lil mama named jalapeño
Drop stacks in a bag gotta keep it G-code
Ain't no money ova there and she already know




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