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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Lyrical Exercise (Freestyle)"

Like here you got my voice soundin man
It sound a little powerful, know I mean?

Yall mutha$#&@as know me
I call this exercise
Letâ??s get it

We them ^!$$%s if you didnâ??t know
Iâ??m the illest if you didnâ??t know

Must I intervene? Make a way by any means
Hood Nation the team yea

Must I intervene? Make a way by any means
Shared the struggles with my brothers, canâ??t come in-between
Iâ??m livin and a result so when you chase a dream

Getting cream, I was off the porch at 16
Hot headed but hustlerâ??s mind set it
Dealers all around me and killers with 9â?²s ready

Mama worried bout me every night
Trouble by them solid lights
Glad she donâ??t get the call

Somebody took her babyâ??s life
%#@!â??s $#&@ed up
Black man, tough luck

We ainâ??t gotta do %#@! for the white man to cuff us
Four words: you live and you learn
Iâ??m just hoping for change

^!$$%s hope for a bird
Never sell you my soul to get this %#@! that I earn
I sit quiet in court until that (*##$ is adjourned

Thatâ??s true story, living in a world full of fake
Brother called the other day and told me â??please be safeâ?
^!$$%s murder every day, I make the first 48

Find out itâ??s yo homeboy, set him up for the cake
2 two words, $#&@ that, trust nobody
Every time think the move I keep a 4-5 by me

Yea I do believe in God but homie please donâ??t try me
Two kids that Iâ??m livin for, I catch me a body
Quarter mill for the whip and you donâ??t nothing bout it

Tryna lessen the trouble, still double the profit
Itâ??s Ace Hood
Yea you know what the name

Bloodshed for the chains, many tears in the game
Sweat given for fame, look at the ways I paved
All the %#@! I done done, all the hope I done gave

Broward County ^!$$%, yea this city on me
I ainâ??t signed nobody yet but know my city gon eat
Mama house was on the 9th but Tonyâ??s door up the street

Sick and tired of ^!$$%s talkin, Iâ??m the one you should see
Iâ??m the ^!$$% to be, flyest whips in the streets
Call it exercise and watch yo boy flex on the beat

Iâ??m too cold, you sweet nouveau, yea you know
Every beat I gotta do flow, Ferrari 2 door
Iâ??m the illest alive

Wuddup Nicki Minaj?
Yea, aye Iâ??m illest alive ^!$$%

I call this Lyrical Exercise my ^!$$%
Ya know what I mean?
Itâ??s Hood Nation to the death of me

Itâ??s We Da Best Music til the death of me ^!$$%
Broward County, BFL beach ^!$$%

New king of the south, ^!$$%
Ha ha

Shout out my ^!$$%s too
Believe that

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