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ACE HOOD lyrics : "King Of The Streets"

Yeaaah! oooh!
They done tried to defeat me
Staying on my feet

When they see me they salute me
I'm the king of these streets
Yeaaah! ohhh!

I got 'em walking on(left, right, left, right)
We the best so we marching like(left, right, left, right)
Oooh! they follow me!

Okay, it's blood, sweat, and tears, that be the realest %#@! I ever wrote
Never stop or giving up, the realest %#@! I ever quote

Look into my eyes and you can see I hustle twenty-fo, twenty-fo, twenty-fo
Hours grinding, overdose, running, running in the studio: recording animal
People want that gutter back, that's just who I do it for

Giving 'em that manure flow, how would I know, I'm trained to go
Heard them ^!$$%s dropping meat so $#&@ it hears a dick to blow
Now I'm on the top of %#@!, now they're showing sportsmanship

What it do and what it be? ^!$$%s on some other %#@!
(*##$ I'm on my own lane, only god can judge me
All you rappers rapping is equivalent to rare meat

And I am on my lion %#@!, starving like a full feast
#~!!@ ^!$$%s count me out, man I love to in-convene
Teddy p and mr. hood, you can call it history

We the best and $#&@ 'em all, we winning like we charlie sheen!

Well it's the highly underrated, album so anticipated

Mr. not intimidated by you suckers perpetrating
I been waiting, yeahhh boy I been waiting
Heavy, humble and patient, but still embedded with greatness

I'm a mother $#&@ing problem, y'all still in pajamas
Sleeping on the hottest while I'm out here chasing commas
Put that on my momma, I'mma give 'em hell while they locked up in a cell

We the best is gon' prevail, don't believe in seeing fail
I'm conceited, you can tell, look the devil in the eye, say I'm hotter than
Your hell

And I'm rocking with my chest out, head high, hello to the bad guy
(*##$ it's my time, see the diamonds in the watch now
Don't want any handouts, $#&@ you ^!$$%s talking 'bout?

See me, you salute me like a mother $#&@ing drill scout
Stunting on you ^!$$%s, watch the beamer when it pulls out
King of these streets, come and see me when you travel south

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